As the almost broken sky ship landed on the frozen mountain all of it’s crew members jumped of walked down the sky ships stairs and slid down the mountain like a water slide going round in circles . They tiptoed into the deep dark dragon’s cave .After 20 minutes they saw something in darkness  ,they there bow and arrows and there guns but they noticed that it was a  kind dragon . They saw a forest they saw three passageways the split into two groups Leah and Lia went into the first passageway Ted and Ben went into the second passageway Angela and Kate went in the last passage way and found a way out with the friendly dragon

One Response to “landing”

  1. I love the way you start the story and the tension you create by them going off in different directions. I think the last sentence is a bit weak and it wold have been more exciting to have the three pairs of children perhaps communicating via walkie-talkies but then one pair scream help but then there is silence. It would really add a scary element.

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