Sky ship by Josh

Episode one: A new crew member and a dragon attack

John woke up confused and surprised to what he would see in the morning. He looked out of his window and saw something weird. There was a flying ship right ahead he ran to the ship it was just like a cloud but in the shape of the ship. The boy ran closer to it and saw a door. Just slightly opened he went closer and entered the weird flying ship thing. His mind exploded with questions: what is this place, where is it going and why did it … the floor shook John and he tripped over something big. The confused boy looked around and saw stairs, he got his grip again and started climbing the stairs. After multiple minutes of walking he finally saw light he climbed up a hole and saw a few men and women he climbed up a bit more and saw someone who looked like the captain. She was a girl she had bright blue eyes and blonde hair. Some things else trigged him, she was holding a thing that looked like a baby dragon, he climbed on the deck and no one saw him. The captain came back and saw John he was terrified. The captain gave him the dragon and said,” Welcome to the star grazer.” A few days later John felt like a crew member with thunder (the baby dragon the captain gave to him). While on lookout john saw 5 angry dragons shooting fire stars right at him and the ship. He called the crew and got his sword and shield to fight. Moments later the dragons went but the ship was going down…

Episode 2: The ship lands

The crew was terrified if they lose, control they would land into a different place, and not the place they were looking for. John ran to the end and found 15 things called water heal he took one of the water-heals and took the other 1 and the other fourteen he put in a bag. Then he looked down and saw water, so he and thunder started giving the water heals to everybody. Moments later the ship was going down much quicker than before. He decided to try fly on thunder to let him help save the crew but when he went on thunder the baby dragon changed his wings got bigger and he got larger. John was about go on him but it was too late. The ship sank. John and everyone else drank the water heals but thunder dived into the water and saved the ship and everyone on it. All the crew rejoiced as the entered the deadliest part of the map the Goblins cave. But little did they know about this deadly landscape.

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