Skyship Adventure


You’ve probably been on a whirlwind adventure on an awesome sky ship with the sun gazing in your eyes like dipping into warming pool the wind blowing through your hair as you take flight through the midday frights.                             

Remember how we played endless games of chess and seeing all the fantastic sights as we hit midday having fabulous food all the way and packing all our favourite things in such a small case. 

I bet you’ve enjoyed landing on ground playing with everything around, the joy of being able to touch the ground and eating all the yummy ice cream that you can find, air surfing on fun summers day, scavenging in all the cool rocks and fossils which have flown down from the moon. 

  But you should also try sliding down volcanoes and nearly burning off a cliff in such terrible fright as lightning strikes right down on the ship causing a rip in the bright red balloon. Or getting caught in storm as the goblins invade and the dragons come pelting after!

One Response to “Skyship Adventure”

  1. This is a very effective and enticing prelude Cordie, well done, I look forward to reading the rest of your skyship adventure.

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