Skyship Central continued

Skyship Central continued.

All of a sudden the Skyship juddered and we were left floating there for a millisecond. It felt like my eyes werefalling before me, the earth  was crumbling under my soul painting, paining feet. “I only put a 1000,000 ml in, argh!” “We have parachutes in the back!” yelled Ruth.

The next scene. “Do you trust me?” asked Ruth. “Ready, steady, go…”

Episode 2 – ‘Skyship Central Crashlands’

“Arghhhhh, where are we Doctor Tusk?” “Mr Albert I think we are in Jakarta” exclaimed Mr Tusk. “I have no idea where that place is. Do you know, arghh, and it is at the strike of dawn”. “Mr Albert we are in Indonesia. We are ages away” babbled Albert. “It would take roughly over 336 days, not to be exact!” “That’s quite a while, isn’t it?” gushed Albert. “Well, yes we could try and catch a train there to go to the aeroplane “well, how are we going to do that?” groaned Ruth questioningly.  “I have some money” Albert said. “How much exactly, Sir young Albert?” “Oh, just a normal 124 in my pocket”. “How do you have that in your pocket?!” yawped Ruth. “It’s a weird habit, it’s so I don’t lose it, but I’m more likely to lose it when it’s there just loose in my holey pockets”. “Oh well, that is more than enough, and to feed all of us” assumed Mr Tusk. “Where did all the others go?”  “Ermm, oh,  uhh we may have left them behind”. “Wilbur Soot!” shouted Albert. “Adam!” “ Mr Oakly!” “Daniella, Anthony…!”  

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