The sky ship adventure!!!!

The first paragraph.

You have probably  been on a sky ship, children playing in the hot sun, fresh green grass,like emerald green, the crystal blue lake,seeing your reflection. The sweet and kind animals. And the tall beautiful Eiffel tower.

I bet you’ve enjoyed Disneyland  with a huge castle and more .The beautiful sunset that is yellow,orange and red .And the mountains tall and amazing.

When the  cold wind blows in your face that’s when the wind makes it hard to fly your sky ship. Your hands are turning blue . And your  nose gets runny and your head has a high temperature and you’re not in the mood for anything cold. And you want to snuggle up in a blanket. Some say they’ve seen  spiders and catacombs That are scary and they have even seen ghosts and eagles that eat your food and **** everywhere even different types of birds are more  scary than that and dirty cobwebs.


The second paragraph.

Rose grabbed on the door as fast as she could  with fear in her heart she gets in her heart she gets in.Her sister Bella smiles happily as ever when a lightning strikes the sky ship. The sky ship was set off for a few days before going to Paris.

Just in time, Rose grabbed the steering wheel and  flies them  to an area where  the lightning won’t attack them.

From a moment , They are safe  and sound  with a great smile on their face  with happy tears no fear but joy. Their hearts don’t beat as fast as a drum there is now happiness and peace.

As the sky ship descended ,Rose and everyone else was happy  and was happy and cried in joy as the heavyweight left from their shoulders and there was finally peace and quiet. Is this peace or is there more?


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