Sky Ship Part.2

The captain, raised his hand slowly into the clouds..

” Captain, the food is ready. “

another one of the men claimed, opening a door and walking the an old set of stairs

“And call me Tom, Tom Moore if  you’d like. ” The Captain told the man,

 he put his walking stick in front of him, and slowly walked down the stairs 

” Hello, Tom! ” A young aged woman said lightly dusting off  Tom’s shoulder and pulling his seat out,

” Thank you Leslie. ” He told her sitting her down next to him,

” I toast, to all of th- ” Tom stopped speaking and raised his hand in a sign to stop talking, all of a sudden it felt like the sky ship was falling, everyone leapt up and ran up to the top deck

” NOBODY IS DRIVING!!! ” All the women, and kids began to shriek in fear,

meanwhile Tom was strolling up the stairs. He laid his walking stick down, and controlling the ship

” The ship is under control everyone, get back to your cabins, now please. ” Tom explained, one girl stayed a bit behind,

” Sir, I think one of the ladies have hurt their ankle quite badly! ”

She told Tom ” Show me her, right away please! ” Tom seemed quite frightened and nervous, he had no clue what to do at all! The lady showed him the woman, when he inspected her ankle it just seemed a little sprained so he bandaged it up ” Take some time in bed, it should heal over then! ” He told her helping her to her cabin ” Thank you sir, ” She laid in bed and gradually fell to sleep. The ship? Oh it’s doing fine. It has a few scratches here and there which are but other than that it’s in great shape!

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  1. I really like all the words and phrases you’ve used. I like lightly dusted! Why wasn’t Tom steering to begin with? Could you re-read everything just to check it makes sense!

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