The star grazer 2

As Pie piloted the Stargrazer  the rest of the crew all lay against the wall as they had just disengaged  hyperspace. Only deputy captain Mitchell was able to stay awake other than captain Pie. They all had an infectious disease called space craziness which  made them fall asleep but only the ones with perseverance would survive. They had left the last system in search for the cure to space craziness, which could only be reached within the seventh dimension but they needed a new bio cell to warp there. They had all woken up to a black smog covering the megascope they felt a jolt of  anxiety.

2 Responses to “The star grazer 2”

  1. I really like that the story is set in space. What is a bio cell? I suggest writing more next time.

  2. I like this piece of writing because it is set in space with great use of language.

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