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The star grazer 2

As Pie piloted the Stargrazer  the rest of the crew all lay against the wall as they had just disengaged  hyperspace. Only deputy captain Mitchell was able to stay awake other than captain Pie. They all had an infectious disease called space craziness which  made them fall asleep but only the ones with perseverance would survive. They had left the last system in search for the cure to space craziness, which could only be reached within the seventh dimension but they needed a new bio cell to warp there. They had all woken up to a black smog covering the megascope they felt a jolt of  anxiety.

skyship poem

As Josh gazed over the deck of the skyship, he already felt bored because nothing had really happened since they left the city behind a week ago. He glanced at his twin sister Mariana who actually enjoyed every second of it. What Josh wanted was action and for something to happen. They were meant to be passing over the lowlands but the storm had blown them off course.

Out of the blue, Josh’s dragon started roaring really loudly which he only did when trouble was coming. They suddenly spotted a massive sky monster which could’ve been big enough to swallow the whole ship but they were very rare. As it started coming towards the ship, they realised they would have to use their enchanted crossbows for it. The crew managed to shoot it down as it was banging into the ship. When it banged into the ship, it had sent the ship plummeting downwards and caused it to lose control.

“We have to crash land!” shouted Josh.

“Are you crazy?” Mariana screamed as they ran around the ship. “Okay then i will steer it” she shouted over the top of her voice as the ship approached the ground very quickly.

The air-ship



There was a child called Peter he got stole 3 years ago and got took to an air-ship called

 Brightstorm.  as we speak Brightstorm is getting attacked by 30 Dragons, Peter hid behind a wooden crate and he found a sheet and put it on top of him just in time before the dragons came But…When the Dragons got here the Dragon said to another Dragon ‘smell something tasty’. the Dragon followed the tasty smell and he found a…Decoy the Dragon said ‘we lost him’.Peter ran because he heard the Dragons talking about him the Dragons give up the boy was ok but his home wassent ok it was destroyed.


The owner of the air-ship wassent ok his home was broke all of the air was gone out of the ship it was turning and turning and turning until it hit the earth’s floor it skidded across the floor  in the mud it was squelchy it slowed down and down and down until it stopped.

The SkyShip

I feel a little breeze on the Sky Ship, It will take hours until we land. One hour later, there was lightning and heavy rain. Hopefully the balloons don’t pop and we don’t crash. There was monsters chasing us and we was about to crash the sky ship was tipping, the monster was green and slimy. 

The Airship

Ava  gripped the airship as the airship was soaring in the air, Jack The Twin Brother of Ava  , had been more stronger and bolder than Ava , who was more worryful than Jack , They had a dog called Marley who could produce shields when Jack And Ava was  in trouble . Suddenly, Dragons, (X~CLASS) Had sharp Teeth, Enormous claws and wings but The Tail was so dangerous that it can kill you in one swing . They attacked and then we crash landed on an island that I thought Ava saved me but Marley laying down, he woke up with his shield half broken, Then i remembered my fall , He put his shield up to save us . Now we are stranded.

the Skyship

The skyship glided through the air as they sailed to the destination. Many of the crew were busy and wanted to land for a break they’d been flying for sixteen hours  but the captain knew that if they landed the dragons would soon find them  .


All of a sudden a titanic sized dragon swooped past the ship it must have had a wing span of twenty metres the captain told the gunners to open fire lightning bolts were shot from the dragons while the crew fired bullets. The engine was hit by the dragons lightning bolt the captain new they were going down.


The crew heard a scream she’s going down the crew braced themselves  and got ready for a rough landing. The driver was wrestling with the controls but he new there was no point  the ship dropped dramatically it was over . They had crash landed .

Dragon Intruders

As I fly through the blizzard I  feel a light pat on my shoulder “Intruders! “shouted Annie (The daughter of captain Jack Sparrow )“ Grab the wheel Alex” I shouted as I ran to my sword! I ran to the dark bottom deck and got the golden mystical Pegasus horn that could help me on my way. I sprinted my way to the dragons swooping over me mouth open dribbling.” Argh” cried a crew member as his head was ripped off. I stabbed the greedy dragon as it fell of the side of the sky ship.


The Skyship

I feel a tap on my shoulder. “What,” I reply. “Look,” screamed my sister Mariana. I looked out the window. I could see a big storm heading towards us. “So,” I said, “It is only small and look how far away it is.” “Far. You think it is small and far.” “Yes because it is,” I replied. “We could DIE.” she screamed in my face while shaking my head. “We  are in an airship in the air with a storm coming closer and closer.” She said v-e-r-y slowly but I could tell that she was still scared because I could see her shaking. The storm was now really close. I could see all of the things that it had collected. I could see people, people’s lunch(mainly pies) , pets and lots more. I was starting to wonder whether   my sister was correct after all… 


Sky ship,

 Can you believe me and my sister got asked to go on a sky-ship,                                                                                                                   

 I can’t. Later that day we jumped onto the sky-ship looking very excited. 


When we were on the sky-ship my sister took a photo and she said cheese. 

I did not want to tell her that nobody says cheese anymore because it would ruin the moment.

Anyway the sky-ship was massive, it could probably fit 16 people my sister said it was tiny 

Compared to our house. I told her to be grateful but she just walked away.


A few hours later, I spotted something you would never believe… Wanna know what it was, it was a  fire breathing dragon with teeth as sharp as sharks… 


Sis i shouted there’s a dragon when she saw the dragon her face went purple. All of a sudden the dragon took a big bite out of the sky-ship, we went shutting down. My sis shouted ahhh I shouted stop being a baby while we were shutting down. 


Crash we landed, but the weird thing was we landed in our backyard where our  parents came and asked if we were ok. I told them I was ok and my sister gave me a glance and said yeah I’m fine she said it with sarcasm.     

Sister problems

There was a magic ship that flies and my sibling sead I am scared,

when i got on the ship my sister said i think i am going to be sick,

We only just got on the ship my sister thrupp on the side of the ship it was grose.


All of a sudden, a massive fire breathing dragon took a massive bite in the sky ship.

I told my sister to step away from that monster she didn’t listen to me but I grabbed my little sister before she got bitten.  


 Amazingly we landed in hour back yard.