Attack On The Sky Ship!!!!!!!!

The Attack On The Sky Ship!!!!!!!!


As Ty and Mariana flew through the sky a thunder of dragons turned up. They had golden scales and skin that was as rough as leather. They had teeth as long as a six foot man.”What you doing Ty” shouted Mariana,”Look out the window!”


“Scary dragons!”

They ran too the window and all they could see was **** smoke Dragon breath! It could be seen from a mile away because there was a secret MI5 base reporting it. They sent jets and helicopters to the dragons but when they arrived there was nothing there.


The Dragons had disguised themself from the jets and helicopters and then they got into battle mode ready to attack the sky ship.Tails ready.Mouth open to bite the balloon and pop it.They aimed.Bang boom.

The Sky ship had been hit.

“Whats happening?” asked Ty and Mariana at the same time.

The sky ship fell to the ground and Ty and mariana jumped out saving their lives

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