The Skyship

I feel a tap on my shoulder. “What,” I reply. “Look,” screamed my sister Mariana. I looked out the window. I could see a big storm heading towards us. “So,” I said, “It is only small and look how far away it is.” “Far. You think it is small and far.” “Yes because it is,” I replied. “We could DIE.” she screamed in my face while shaking my head. “We  are in an airship in the air with a storm coming closer and closer.” She said v-e-r-y slowly but I could tell that she was still scared because I could see her shaking. The storm was now really close. I could see all of the things that it had collected. I could see people, people’s lunch(mainly pies) , pets and lots more. I was starting to wonder whether   my sister was correct after all… 

One Response to “The Skyship”

  1. I love the way you have used a lot of speech,brackets,capital letters and the way you emphasised the ‘v-e-r-y slowly’ by separated out the ‘very’ with dashes.

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