Dragon Intruders

As I fly through the blizzard I  feel a light pat on my shoulder “Intruders! “shouted Annie (The daughter of captain Jack Sparrow )“ Grab the wheel Alex” I shouted as I ran to my sword! I ran to the dark bottom deck and got the golden mystical Pegasus horn that could help me on my way. I sprinted my way to the dragons swooping over me mouth open dribbling.” Argh” cried a crew member as his head was ripped off. I stabbed the greedy dragon as it fell of the side of the sky ship.


One Response to “Dragon Intruders”

  1. I like how they fought back when the dragon intruded (instead of running away) and I also like how one of the crewmate’s head was ripped of. Is the narrator Annie or is Annie a crewmate? For next time, I suggest maybe making it a bit bigger.

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