The skyflyer

The skyflyer

Bet you have been on an air ship. Bet it was fun. The fluffy clouds , the bright blue sky and the beaming hot sun. With your parents or friends or even your family. Well have you ever been in the middle of winter. In the middle of a storm . Well we  have.,let me tell you its not that fun. Sometimes it doesn’t go that well. Here’s what happened when I went…

Amelia fell down with her knees in her arms and her tear flowing like a river. James grabbed the swords with no fear. Just then it happened. The skyflyer was surrounded bye dark clouds. There it was…the most powerful dragon in the world a drista dragon.

With no fear in his eyes James throwed the swords in the dragons eyes . Amelia quickly boosted the ship forward. About a hour later , we thought we were safe but I guess not. All of a sudden Amelia heard a hudd pop. She woke James up with a bang . James and Amelia look over the edge of they were on the floor

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  1. I really liked your introduction, but there were a few spelling and grammer mistakes: bye is spelt by and instead of saying,James and Amelia look over the edge of they are on the floor, try James and Amelia looked over the edge of the sky ship, and they crashed onto the hard floor. Are you James, Amelia or a narrator?

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