The Terror-dactyl ( part two the build up )

The magic mob flew back to the skyship and let their dragons rest. The skyship  suddenly started falling into the sandstorm and landed with a bump in the town of Scorchton. The weather was burning hot and soon night fell upon them. “We need to make shelter for us and our dragons,” exclaimed Lewis. “But where, it’s night and this place looks spooky,” whispered Ethan as a shiver shot down his spine like a gun releasing a bullet. Brody said “We can make a hut out of the wooden deck and a roof from this latex balloon.” As they broke up the pieces they made a hut and as soon as dawn approached the hut was finished. They slept through the rest of the day and night. Lewis heard a rumbling in the bushes and awoke in the middle of the night. “Thank goodness it was only a nightmare.” Lewis mumbled. As he lay awake the bushes shook. He meandered to the bush and then he got pulled through… The next morning approached and Ethan and Brody were shocked to see Lewis gone. Footsteps led to a bush and Ethan jumped through. Brody followed and since he was the leader he went in front of Ethan. He followed the footsteps and it led to a temple. “Shiverington Hall,” they both read out. A ghastly gargoyle guarded the terrific temple and suddenly one moved. “Guess that’s why they call it Shiverington Hall” Brody laughed. They walked in and the gargoyle cracked open. RRARGH! The gargoyle roared and flew in beating it’s wings quickly. Lewis sat on a throne.”Hello guys” he said in a friendly way. The rabbit man (top half up to the belly was rabbit and the rest human features.)  “This is Oreo the bunny man and my servant,” said Lewis. “Come back to the magic mob to me your leader,” exclaimed Brody. “No I am the leader of the rabbit men so Ethan and Brody, leave my land or war, Lewis said. Brody and Ethan stayed. War was official…

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