A Mesmerizing, Mystical World

A Mesmerizing, Mystical World

By Tilly

It must have been at least thirty minutes before Alex gained consciousness after that dreadful crash, but he had a rather rude awakening, for Tilly seemed to be violently jolting him from side to side. Slowly opening his eyes, Alex, whose vision was extremely blurred due to his glasses be smashed into microscopic pieces, could make out the faintest smile upon Tilly’s filthy face. “Look!” she exclaimed pointing beyond the remains of a once magnificent sky-ship. Adjacent to them stood a fairly normal evergreen forest holding an ancient looking graveyard; but as he slowly turned around, he saw a menacing Guardian Lion grasping an emerald staff (a village treasure). His mane blowing in the breeze, the heavens shone the shimmering winters sun on the beast.” You woke him up” he said “Now you must pay.” Scratching could be heard from beyond the grave.

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