The Lost Captain

Ty and Mariana stood there on the airship worried and nervous, partly because the balloon on top of the airship was wounded and partly because it was just turning night and Captain O’Shea was nowhere to be seen – they were so bored waiting for him hence they decided to make up a game. This game was not that complex, but it was called image you are fighting dragons (what you had to do was kick and punch the air and image that there was a dragon stood there). Whist they were playing that game they got a bit carried away and by the time they had a break it was midnight. They were confident though to keep fighting until Captain O’Shea and his crew returned. Just then as it turned 12:30 they realised that imagination had become reality. They were flabbergasted once they realised that dragon surrounded them in fact, they were so flabbergasted that they ran up into the captain headquarters and use the walkie talkie to call for Captain O’Shea but there was no answer they tried repeatedly but still nothing, they tried calling for him and that was when he appeared in the distance behind the dragons…

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