What to feed a hangry centaur

Do you know how to feed an hangry centaur? Do you know what hangry centaurs like to eat? Do you know what goes into their favourite meal? If you don’t then follow the instructions carefully as a hangry centaur is not something you want to find. To solve this you will need to prepare their favourite meal, carrot and lamb stew. Don’t forget to follow all the steps, don’t miss any out.

You will need: A large iron pot, a roaring fire, fresh young lamb, which you will need to catch and kill, a bunch of carrots, a sprinkling of salt, some chives, a large wooden spoon and a bowl to serve it in.

To make the carrot and lamb stew, carefully follow the next steps: First you need to go hunting for fresh spring lamb. These can be found in the lush, green meadows. The lambs will be dancing and springing in the long grass. So you need to creep quietly up to the lamb and have your bow and arrow ready to shoot. Once you have captured and killed the lamb you need to head back to start making the stew. Fetch a large iron pot and place it over a roaring fire. Fill the iron pot with fresh stream water and let it boil. Whilst the pot is boiling collect your fresh carrots and chop them into thin slices and then throw them into the pot. Be careful that you do not splash the hot boiling water. Next add the fresh lamb, a sprinkle of salt and some chives. Cook it for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Once it is ready scoop a portion into a bowl and feed it to the hangry centaur.

You will soon notice that the centaur starts to become calm and happy once again. If this happens again when the centaurs are hangry, you can use one of the recipes from the book of ‘favourite recipes for centaurs’. This will keep all centaurs hopefully happy and friendly mythical creatures.

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  1. I really liked the way that you started these instructions as the rhetorical questions drew me in.
    To make your instructions even easier to follow, think about splitting them up step by step with each step on a new line.

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