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What she saw

  Late at night Zoe thought she saw slimy zombies with spears in there boney hands…

She walked through the dark hall as she opened the door she saw nothing.

Then she thought she was dreaming.


My Nightmare Niamh+Archie

“What was that?” shouted Keira as the thunder shot across the midnight sky like a bullet. She couldn’t get her head out of the covers. What was it? A dream, a nightmare, or was it real? Thunder and lightning smashing the window. I heard a creak coming up stairs, a glass shattering  and people shouting. My heart rate climbed higher and higher. I was sweating and I couldn’t hear my self think even though the only thing to think about was what would happen next.


Flowers blossom  with  beaming sun shining down!

Sun comes out of the grey clouds.

People go to the park!


Barbecue grilling with some chickens.

Trips to the beach on the sunny days!

Sun sets as late as could be!


Crunchy leaves under your feet.

Smells of bonfires!

Sun rises over the morning frost.


Snow drops down from the cold sky.

Animals go into hybernatoin.

People make snowman.


The pirate sits there on his old stool looking out to the open sea.

His copper earring hanging off his ear like it is holding on for dear life .

His neat bear is spoiled by the black and dirty oil  .

His blue crystal pin he got from the big ship wreck off the Atlantic ocean.

Blood drooling down his face from the horrific battle of the pirates .

As he smokes, his  cigar creates big puffs of  grey and black. 

The Pirate

The pirate captain was standing at the docks of the cove

ready to set sail on his big, shiny boat


His ghost grey beard

was ruined by the drip of oil

running down his chin


His hypnotic blue eyes

were so intimidating

like sharks in the waves

His copper earrings

were rusted,

big as gold bars


His pitch-black pirate hat

had a golden skull and crossbones

faded into the leather


His cheek had a trickle of blood

red as jam


His mouth had a cigarette

poking out with puffs of smoke

coming out the end

The Pirate

As a horrible look spread across his face, the pirate stared.

The pirate took a large cigarette and popped it into his mouth.

As disgraceful as he looked, he worried for his crew for a second

As a danger laid below of the giant squid known as the Krakken.

Blood dripping down his cheek, he looked at this

and imagined it covering all his friends.

He was a thoughtful one for the curse of the black pearl

rested on his heart.

Blood shed scattered his memory.

The Pirates Features

The pirate stood glaring at the vast ocean in front of him,

He peacefully puffed his big fat cigar,

His thick white  beard had a mysterious black substance  running down the middle of his beard,

His rusty copper earring hung down from his ear like a fish on the end of a hook,

His purple gleaming sapphire sat proudly on his chest,

The strange drip of blood trickled down his face,

His old Cornish mug filled to the brim with alcohol beer

His strange skull logo perched on the top of his hat,

The pirate

The pirate stands on the plank looking out to the salty sea,

The neat, light-grey beard with a black line through it,

Large copper heavy earrings dangling,


Blood dripping from the right side of his head beside his eye,

The thick long cigarette puffed of smoke,

The round diamond glistening on his chest,


His hat sat  on a slant on his head,

His blue  eyes glared at the sea,

The bullet badge sat in his black hat,

The pirate

The pirate´s deep red blood trail drips down from his tattered hat.

The pirate´s black stripe in his beard is like a dripping oil from his mouth.

The pirate´s giant copper earring rusting from the seas spews still shining bright in the night and day.

The pirate´s red ripped old scarf tied around his head like a old flag in the wind.

The pirate´s  dirty diamond blue eyes gazes at the rough seas.

The pirate´s old cobweb hat with the golden rim stand´s out to show he´s captain.

The pirate´s shining deep sea blue gem glinted on his necklace.

The pirate´s burning cigarette dying in the sea wind.

The pirate´s were drenched by the seas evil spews.

The pirate´s were attacked by the salty air