Soaring airplanes through the moonlit sky.

I have never seen an alien ship, but I have seen airplanes soar through the sky through the moonlight with blinking lights.

I have never heard the screeches of an eagle, but I have heard the pattering of rain on my roof.

I have never raced a cheetah in the desert heat, but I have raced with my sister throughout summer in my garden.

I have never seen a sheep hop the fence, but I have seen a cat leap over our  small wooden gate.

Iz have never captured a ghost in my basement, but I have captured a moth late at night that was stuck to my lamp.

I have never biked across Saturn’s rings, but I have biked around my local park in winter.

I have never befriended a red squirrel , but I have petted a hedgehog near late night out in my backyard.

I have never touched an Aliens skin or scales , but I have held a smooth lizard in the light of the pet shop.

Ive never seen a lion chase a zebra across Neptune , but I have seen a Jaguar hunt a zebra on the tv.

I have never flown with a shooting star through the galaxy , but I have seen stars twinkle in the Autumn evening.

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