Vibrant rainbow

I have never, eaten 500 pizza’s in a row whilst sitting on the planet Jupiter, but I have at least 2 at Alton Towers restraint on Halloween night.

I have never, chased a horse that was charging into a vibrant children’s book with swords flying out, but I have chased a fluffy, grey cat that was running away from its owner.

I have never, ridden on the back of a dinosaur that’s storming through the hills of Hollywood into the sunset, but I have ridden on a horse at the back of my house.

I have never, felt fur as soft as a cloud and as vibrant as a rainbow, but I have felt a dogs fur that was as soft as a rug.

I have never, held a ball that was as humongous and hot as the sun, but I have held a ball that was a as small as a grape.

I have never, read a book in space whilst sitting on a star, but I have read a book in my bed whilst listening to a flaming and relaxing radio station.

I have never, ridden a bike in a pool with loads of pink and yellow bugs crawling all over me, but I have ridden a bike down the Buckshaw hill whilst screaming with happiness.

I have never, written my homework whilst floating around in my room with stars following me,  but I have done my homework on my desk that has loads of pens and pencils all spread out.

I have never, eaten a purple watercolour pallet in a circus ridding an elephant, but I have eaten a chocolate frog from universal studios.

I have never, danced with a beetle on top of Buckingham palace, but I have danced in the rain with a vibrant pink dress on.

I have never, seen Mickey Mouse in my fabulous room, but I have seen my little brother dancing his heart away in the music.

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