I have never sung with Ariana Grande but I have sung secretly in a car alone

I have never seen a cheetah running through the dessert.But I have seen a dog running past my house like flash.

I have never jumped if the Eiffel Tower. But I have bounced on my trampoline

i have never landed a handstand. But I have landed a cartwheel.

I have never heard a baby dolphin cry. But I have heard a baby cry and scream.

I have never ran in the olympics. But I have rand in circles and circles in my back garden.

I have never seen the disappear. But I have seen the rise over all the buildings.

I have never been ran over. But I have by my little brothers toy car.

I have never sung with Ariana Grande. But I have secretly sung in a car alone.

My mum has never been queen. But she is queen of our house.


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