A crackling fire. . .

I have never climbed the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

But I have stumbled up the soft carpeted stairs in my house.


I have never won a running race against my brothers

But I have run all the way down the seafront in Great Yarmouth with my mum.


I have never caught smoke from a birthday cake’s candles

But I have had my spoon soaked by steam over the kettle.


I have never seen a Golden Eagle soaring up in the sky

But I have sighted seagulls stalking me when I’m eating my chips in Great Yarmouth, where I live.


I have never heard the screech of a mother bear protecting her cubs

But I have heard the cry of my brother Gabriel after falling over on the pavement.


I have never smelt the planet Mars

But I have smelt a crackling fire whilst being on holiday.


I have never jumped of a 70 metre cliff

But I have zip-wired high over a deep river.

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