Friends to keep me company :)

I have never rode a Unicorn in the rainbows,

but I have rode my bike on a walk.

I have never seen a dragon flying with it’s smoke breathing mouth open,

but I have seen a bird glide gracefully across the skyline.

I have never had a wig,

but I have had hair that I love.

I have never had a Parrot who copies me,

but I have had friends to keep me company.

I have never stroked a Shark under the water of the Pacific,

but I have stroked my hamster’s fluffy, soft fur coat.

I have never ran 10 miles in the Olympic races,

but I have raced my brother and sister.

I have never climbed the steep, rocky walls of Everest,

but I have climbed the steps in my house.

I have never had a party everyday, 

but I have had a birthday celebration every year.

I have never swam the deep and dark depths of the Ocean,

but I have dived into the deep end of the swimming baths.


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