I’ve never played with Ronaldo

I’ve never played in a football match with Cristialno Ronald but I have played at the harriers coaching sessions on a Saturday. I’ve never driven in a Lamborghini but I have driven in our small, toy electric BMW round my street. I’ve never swam in the Atlantic Ocean but I have swam in the pool at my villa in Florida. I’ve never visited Antarctica but I have visited the Island of Cyprus. I’ve never landed a rocket on the moon but I have made a rocket out of cardboard in school.


I’ve never played my guitar in a concert but I have practiced Hall of Fame in my bedroom. I’ve never made a working car but I have unscrewed and screwed a toy tractor together. I’ve never drank a cocktail on a luxury holiday but I have drank a McDonald’s milkshake while watching a film. I’ve never seen a Tyrannosaurus Rex eat a live goat but I have watched a cow eat a chunk of grass. I’ve never electrocuted but I have been electric shocked while jumping on my trampoline.

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