Wow that’s interesting!

I’ve never….But I have!

I’ve never climbed up Mount Everest

But I have climbed up Rivington pike,

I’ve never played football with Dennis Bergkamp

But I have played football with my dad Paul,

I’ve never swam in a coral reef

But I have swam in the sky blue waters of Tiree,

I’ve never jumped of a cliff

But I have scrambled up a river,

I’ve never swam with dolphins

But I have swam with basking sharks,

I’ve never been on a speedboat

But I have been on a ferry,

I’ve never ran faster than the football player M’bappe

But I have ran faster than my puppy calla,

I haven’t let my dog free on my front garden

But I have let some lemurs free from a zoo,

I’ve never swam with crocodiles

But I have swam with eels in a rock pool

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