Emerald molten lava unicorn

Emerald Molten Lava Unicorn


The emerald molten lava unicorn is the rarest unicorn.Do you like unicorns? Well I hope you do.


 the emerald molten lava unicorn Lives in hot active volcanoes.It uses it  beautiful emeralds to cross into cold places like antarctica, and are killed for their beautiful Horns which Is use for forging new items and make things that weren’t able to be forged possible.



The emerald molten unicorn looks like its relative the molten lava unicorn but instead of rocks it has emeralds.



This rare unicorn  eats curry, water, rocks, lava, metal and emeralds 



This amazing unicorn is very active, competitive, mature, kind and energetic.


If you track the emerald molten unicorn is dangerous, be careful it will become hostile.

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