Ocean Unicorn

Ocean Unicorn

                                                             Leah-St Wilfrid’s


Have you ever seen an Ocean Unicorn? Well I have an Ocean unicorn is rare to see in the clouds or even near the sea. Ocean unicorn’s have many different friends like sharks, sea horses, dolphins, star fish and may more. Also, they blend in with the sea. People rarely see this type of species. Only several people have had sightings of an Ocean Unicorn.


They have fur which, is made of wax so it’s water proof. However, this unicorn has a sign of a star fish to represent where it comes from. Also, has a dark horn which, senses where it goes similar to a satellite navigation. They have blue hooves because they help them to tread on water at night. They also have a dark blue tail which, shoots out glitter to put a trail down so you can tell that it is the Ocean unicorn.


The Ocean unicorn can make special sand castles if it looks at the sand it makes amazing castles.


The Ocean unicorn’s eyes can see where it goes at night. Why not look for an unusual light at night at the beach, it might be an Ocean unicorn. Also, an ocean unicorn is a carnivore so it eats meat and so on.


If you are reading this ending I really hope you have enjoyed some amazing facts about this species. Remember this unicorn has powers it also can freeze you when you scare it.


Are they real?

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