Prologue and chapter 1

Even though at Spring, the light in the window sparkled like gems. Even though, the toy cars look real and alive. Even though, you could  smell fresh baked cookie and peppermint in a trail. Even though, you can hear the wind howling and people laughing. Even though, the chocolate flowing in an fountain as you walked pass it. 

No one rarely came in because  the door is to heavy to open ,but until Paul entered.

Paul had always been curious about his father; he often said be careful,don’t get into trouble. One breezy morning, he was walking down Redflag lane and the Emporium door was strangely  ajar Paul glared though the window and open the door. 

He could see old car badges hanging on the wooden  wall to a side there was some old circus clothes. In the corner, was a dusty,old desk with a small dusty book. He pick up the book then suddenly something happened. A old man with a suit on said” what are you doing” Paul said ” I’m looking at this book” then words formed it said get away from this book now! The man said” what brings you here” Paul said” I saw the door ajar a bit so I came to look it pulled me in for some reason

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