The Astonishing Emporium


There are some places that have secrets inside. The Astonishing Emporium was like that.

Even though at Spring, a beautiful blossom tree sits growing in the sun making you feel welcome. Even though, you can see a luxurious chocolate fountain glistening in the golden sunlight. Even though, there is a sweet smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Even though, you hear the beautiful sound of birds singing. Even though, there are loads of multicoloured toys trying to pull you in. Even though, it is filled with amazement.

No one ever entered. The doorway was too dark and large. No one until Alex.

Chapter 1 – Through the Door

Alex had always been adventurous, but his mum thought it would lead him into trouble. One warm afternoon, he was walking over a hill when he noticed something. Something unusual. The door of the Emporium was slightly opened. Without thinking, not for one second he ran as fast as a horse over to the Emporium and went inside.

Every where he looked was filled with toys and wonders. He wanted to touch everything. He saw a shelf full of toys like: some teddy-bears wanting to be cuddled; some toy cars waiting to be played with; a bowl of sweets with there rappers shining in the lights. There was a display of stuffed animals, mini houses and dolls. But as Alex was looking around, he stumbled over something. It was an old leather book. He looked at the book and became interested. He opened it up and it seemed magical. Pictures were being formed and the letters looked alive.

“I see you have stumbled upon my book,” said a voice. Alex shut the book and dropped it. He turned around. He saw an old man. He was the owner of the shop.

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  1. Very good.

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