The dragon headed unicorn

The dragon headed unicorn.

The dragon headed unicorn (which is one of the most dangerous creatures in the world) has a red flamed tail.

Do you know what this dangerous thing looks like? Well if you don’t know you will now! The dragon headed unicorn has ears that are shaped like a triangle.  Surprisingly, it has square teeth that are coloured yellow. The creature has a neck that is scaly and patterned with diamonds.

The dragon headed unicorn is very strange indeed. It lives in caves far away, out at beaches. It is easy to spot them because they are very shiny and bright.

This strange figure is very evil and hard working. If it does see a human or animal it is most likely to try and hurt them.  They are very interested in anything red or anything that has fire. To make this animal calm you need to give fire to the very dangerous and peculiar dragon headed unicorn.

People who are unicorn explorers has seen one of these figures. BE CAREFUL you have been warned.

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  1. Anabella - north denes May 24, 2021 at 2:28 pm

    dear Avad
    your paragraph is amazing to read it will make readers to read on and enjoy it.
    here are my questions about it,
    is there a time of the year you can see it more often or is it the same rarity each month?

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