The fearful, fire unicorn

 The Fearful, Fire Unicorn!

The fearful, fire unicorn is letting out fire at this time knowing it is not suitable for the time. It got told not to stop and I started again letting out, glazing, red flames trying to kill people in the city. It cooled down with its fire because the unicorn was not that fit it kind of was drowsy. Everyone ran away from the poor unicorn even though it looked sorry for breathing out fire. The fire unicorn lives in a tiny, little shed as well as the ther fire unicorns but this unicorn didn’t know there would be more of the same unicorn because you don’t know they could just kill each other whilst they do something. It is also very dirty around the shed so when they get out it wouldn’t really be a good thing to happen because they could just step on the dirt. Inside the shed is a bit more bigger than just looking around it on the outside, like the fire unicorn was gonna kill people it could kill the exact same unicorns as itself. It was time the fire unicorn came out. It came out and stepped, making the sound gulp gulp, people were still running away from the field because they obviously could have heard that it came out of the shed, so when it was inside.

The fire unicorns legs look like the flames of when it breathes out lots of fire in front of people so the legs look like flame. The body and head of the unicorn looks like pieces of wood so when you want to make a fire you want to use wood to put it how you want. Get 2 sticks of wood and rub them together so that you can get warmness from it. So when you go camping you need wood, the head is mainly the two sticks and the body the rest of the sticks. The teeth don’t really look as big as a spoon, they look very tiny because of course it needs bug teeth because it is an adult unicorn it isn’t still a baby unicorn. The feet look like a type of matches so when you just scrape it on the box and it does. The diet of the fire unicorn isn’t really much because it only eats oat porridge most of the time even though the oat porridge is a tiny thing it also has a bit of fruit on the side because it likes fruit with its porridge whereas the other fire unicorns don’t like fruit with there’s. Then it gets out of wherever it eats and it goes onto the field and eats some of the grass and flowers even though it has just the porridge and fruit it still eats the grass and flowers. When it has been an hour or two then it eats the same grass and flowers but this time it now eats some berries with its porridge or just finds it from anywhere. They sometimes eat anything such as water lilies or maybe they might not like them but it is according to what they feel like.

The fire unicorn is a dangerous pet so you shouldn’t come near it and also it can breathe fire on you and 90% you could get killed by only fire so like without a unicorn you see a fire you wouldn’t really go near it so the unicorn is like this as well. It depends, sometimes the fire unicorn wants to be a very polite and gentle person so it sits down and you might want to join the unicorn. YOU ALWAYS have to be aware of the unicorn if it is in a bad mood something bad will happen, if it is in a good mood then you can sit with it or play around but not around the dirty, muddy shed because it is disgusting. If I was to be in that situation of being the owner, like everyday I would have to feed it and do everything.

Today if you had your eyes tightly shut and thought if you had your very own unicorn how would it feel? If you had any type of unicorn sitting by your side would you feel angry or very excited just like the behaviour of it so is it good or is it a bad unicorn? If I had a unicorn and people are sitting next to it I might feel bad or good about it.


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