The Magical Emporium By Ellie

The Magical Emporium 

There are some places that no one dares to enter. The magical Emporium was just like that.

Even though at Halloween, you could get way more sweets that you would ever need. Even though you could smell hot roast dinner or little chocolate treats melted and some fruit dipped in a chocolate fountain. Even though you could see the fluffy, adorable, cute toys on the windowsill waiting for someone to take them home.

But still nobody wanted to enter, They refused to come in. The doorway was as dark as the middle of the night. It was as if the Emporium wanted you to come in at any cost. Nobody ever went inside. That’s until Leah.

Chapter 1

Leah had always been curious and her mother had always warned her that she would get into trouble. One lovely day Leah was skipping down Turner Road when she stopped. She noticed that the Emporium door was open. Without thinking she was so excited that  she rushed in. Without thinking.

She looked everywhere. She didn’t know what to look at. She was amazed. First she saw  the Russian dolls painted by a famous artist sitting on a windowsill, a ancient sword, that was touched when it was made and a ragged china doll that needed to be repaired. A gold bar was glimmering in the sunlight under a glass box so it was completely safe. A beautiful diamond waiting to be perfectly polished. A lighted candle that could never blows out and a  pound from the 1950’s. There was an elephant juggling balls carefully. A cage with a fierce furious tiger waiting to be fed inside.

She loved looking at all of the the things but her favourite out of all was a old leather book. She was so interested in it. When she opened it the pages flicked back and forth lot’s. It was like magic dust was coming off the pages. 

Just then a tall man who looked like he had sapphires for eyes stood behind Leah. Leah jumped. “I see you’ve found my old leather book.” Grumbled a voice.

Leah gasped, closed the book and took a step back. A big barn owl sat on his shoulder. The barn owl shook it’s head at Leah disappointingly.

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