The Mountain Unicorn

The Mountain Unicorn

The Mountain Unicorn is are rare species, you are very lucky to see one in fact there is a 1 in 1,234,829,585,838,830 chance to see one.


It so gracefully and elegantly eats for 3.2 seconds of pure white  snow so beautifully.

Appearance: It has a big , bold and beautiful horn,  a massive tale and a heart warming heart full of love for everybody and especially for strong people who has the  courage, the determination and the strength to climb the stressful mountain.

Habitat: You could use to find it Nepal(because its next to mount Everest but since 18th November 2013 but  you can’ t find it anymore it is unknown were it is,  let us know if you can find it for a whole ride until your bored on the unicorn.

Nature: It is one of the nicest unicorns on the planet.

Fun: It is 6th nicest unicorn on  the planet,  it has never behaved badly in its 20 years it’s been alive.

Strengths and weaknesses it can beat predators easily but the real deal is the snakes (especially cobras), but fortunately not often they come up  most  of the and the beautiful unicorns   is very safe and comfortable.

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