The Nightmare Emporium

The Nightmare Emporium


There are some places where no one ever dares to go. The Nightmare Emporium was like that.

Even though at Halloween, the children were still running around in their costumes.

Even though, there wasn’t many customers they was still making money. Even though, the gothic style teens were still attempting to go into that one room. Even though, the haunted dolls still sat in the room with their heads popping off and Goliath Birdeater Tarantulas coming out of their mouths. Even though, after an hour the children were gone and just the teens where left.

No one ever dared to go in the room. Except Chloe.

Chapter 1

Behind the door

Chloe had always been suspicious on what was inside the door. But her mother always complained about how dangerous it was. She never got any chance to open it really, because she went nearly everywhere with her mother. But this time she didn’t. Her mother never let her go on her own, but since she was good for the week she let her because Chloe was never really a good child on her own, but her mother offered for her little brother to go and he said no because he thought she was going to invite her friends to go with her, but she wasn’t.

One stormy day Chloe decided she would go to the Emporium because knowing her mother she hated the rain. When she got to the Emporium she mumbled to herself “It looks creepy, maybe they did it up for Halloween?” Then all of a sudden the door creaked opened pulling her inside.

Inside the Emporium there was a selection of china dolls sitting in an old toy box beside the shelf, fake spiders hanging from the roof, armoured mannequins with glowing red eyes with a shadowed face. But then, as she stared around the room seeing all sorts of strange things, she saw a middle aged man with a rustic red cloak standing behind the old fashioned desk reading a book that was titled Book Of Magic Spells. Chloe was confused why it was called that because everyone knew spells weren’t real, or were they? As she started to tiptoe towards the desk, she saw a cane in the man’s hand, that was shaped like a python, Chloe screamed, “AHH!” As the man looked up he questioned,  “Whats with all this noise?!” “I’m so sorry sir!” Chloe mumbled, the man didn’t know someone had come in, so he was shocked.

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