The scrap unicorn by Ethan

Have you ever seen a Scrap Unicorn? Have you heard of it? Well, this manual will tell you all the wonderful facts about this creature. This creature grows every two months and can reach up to 300 feet tall. For protection, it has laser eyes to strike predators and it gives birth to 2 babies every 3 years. It mostly comes in a pack.



This creature does not have a normal heart, when it is born it is just a magnet and slowly it brings metal to its body and forms a shape of a horse. This incredible creature is made fully out of scrap metal, bolts and screws. The scrap unicorn has a jet pack to fly away from predators. This animal has laser guns for eyes it goes black when it is angry, red for calm.



The scrap unicorn is often observed with groups because it thinks if it is with its family it might outnumber a predator. This creature does not like to be ridden until gained trust. If you see this creature do not attempt to ride at first sight.



Unsurprisingly, this animal lives and grows up in a scrap junkyard it hides there from predators because it camouflages with the metal. The bad thing is that humans make the metal into tools and cutlery so they are endangered.



It eats metal to be healthy and never leaves a crumb so humans don’t get the proof to know it exists. The more the metal it eats it slightly grows a tiny bit more. It has a chunk of metal and puts bolts on the top as a replace of salt and pepper.


I would like to say if you encounter one of there you should really keep it a secret, and hope this manual will help you.

One Response to “The scrap unicorn by Ethan”

  1. 1. I like the detail you put in the diet paragreph.
    2.How did you get the idea of a magnet heart.
    3. In the habitat parograph, people don’t make cutlery out of scrap metal and I think you should change the adverb.

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