The Water Unicorn

Aquala (water unicorns)


Aquala are one of the elemental unicorn species and are very rare, so nobody has ever seen even a glimpse of one or a herd. Another name for Aquala is water unicorns because they control the oceans, lakes and rivers.

Nobody actually knows were Aquala goes in the Winter or Autumn months, but in the summer and spring the water unicorns live in the sacred grotto on the east side of Centopia next to a giant elf kingdom, which was founded by the elder of the waters. On the other hand, some water unicorns live alone beside islands to have easy access to a food source.

Would you recognize a water unicorn if you saw one? Well they have shimmering golden horns and a flowing turquoise mane and tail. They also have green, emerald eyes and strong hooves. However, when in water they have the tail of a mermaid and a hard, rough, scaly body.

The water unicorns diet consists of seaweed and colorful coral from around islands or near the coast. Despite this, some people believe Aqaulas eat fish such as, salmon, cod and other types, but this has yet to be proven.

Aqaulas protect themselves and other unicorns by using their horn to create a wall of vines. In addition, they can lead unicorn hunters and predators in the deep abyss of lakes and oceans. Usually they are very gentle and kind creatures however, sometimes have instinct to attack if frightened or scared, so bring some seaweed or coral to help tame them.

If you would like to see one of these amazing creatures bring some scuba-diving gear and night vision googles to see clearly in lakes and oceans. I also recommend to approach them calmly so they don’t feel alarmed.



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