Through the Mythical Door

Ava had always been warned by her mum that curious always leads to trouble. Once she got lost in one of the shops at town, but that was only for 2 minutes. Ava always wanted to see if she could do one thing by herself. That is until one day.

One sunny morning Ava was going to the park down her street. When she noticed something unusual about the Emporium. For the first time the door was open. She stepped in and saw loads of shops. She went into one of the shops and as she walked in she saw the whole room packed up with things she wanted to really touch. She saw a little key chain that said her name on, a teddy bear that was purple and pink, a chocolate fountain, a jar full of sweets, a painting set, and a loom band kit. But what interested Ava the most was a old fashioned book. As she turned the pages, she could see the dancing letters and the pictures looking realistic.

“I see you found my very famous book,” whispered a voice. Ava quickly shut the book and put it back onto the shelf and looked at the owner. He was a man with marvellous blue eyes, red cloak, shining golden crown and a yellow shirt. On the side of the mans shoulder was a parrot. It looked at her disapprovingly.


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