The roadman unicorn

The road man unicorn which is a dangerous species, doesn’t kill but threatens . They wear a north face T – shirt  and north face joggers . However , the roadmap unicorns are mostly on the streets even when it’s raining .

What do the roadman unicorns eat ?

The roadman unicorns  favourite things to eat is Mac Donald’s or kfc rarely they have Chinese but surprisingly they don’t get fat ????

Where can you see them ?
Every Saturday you can see them at longbenton shops at 8:30 till 1:20 am when it’s about 4:50 local citizens and make them annoyed .

Where do they live ?

They mostly live in Benton and longbenton they and very tall and rear when someone touches them they drop out of horse school at about section 8.

That’s all for now but all the reports are amazing!!!!!!!!

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