The storm unicorn

Most storm unicorns  have  dark skin with dark clouds on their back. My unicorn  has a glow in the dark blue lightning eyes.In the daytime you would only be able to see the sparkles in its eyes and the tlight eye coloured  eyeballs.Her hair is really shiny and if she flies then it would look

amazingly beautiful.unfortunately,because this unicorn has magic in its horn,this has meant that they have been hunted to almost extinction.

My storm unicorn lives in an unusual,dark haunted cave that is cold  and  scary.Storm Unicorn and her friends are the only people that live there because storm unicorns parents got hunted because they had magic in their horns as well.The floor in the cave is a disaster because when the unicorn breaths hard  rainy clouds come.the annoying thing is that if  she moves then the cloud will move too so if the unicorn ever comes next to you i guess you’ll be having a shower too.She likes to have parties at her friends house because her friend lives in black pool they go there every  year because every year it is her friends birthday. Storm unicorn and her friend celebrate storm’s birthday every month just because they are not sure when it is her birthday and that is because her parents died when she was a little baby unicorn.

This unicorn is similar to a dolphin because it has a long pointy nose with sparkles. Her legs are also shiny because like i said whenever she breathes clouds come and rain so she is shiny and nice ,that’s how he has a shower.She has grey spots because the mysterious clouds  are electric. That zap you whenever  you touch it. Storm unicorn is a girl so it does look like she is wearing makeup .She also has a  mouth  that is the colour of a rainbow because  whenever she goes under a rainbow she stays there and the  rainbow colour goes on her lips.She wears matching clothes with her friend which is called  flame unicorn and yeah they were clothes because they wanna be like humans.Storm has two eyes but if a hunter is nearby she would know because her friend is pretty smart and she taught her everything about being unicorns.

My unicorn doesn’t eat that much because she can’t find food  but sometimes  people see her and think she is cute so they give her some food.Some times she goes into other people’s gardens if the shutters or their doors are open and takes fresh apples from their trees.several People always see the unicorn but they don’t care if she is hungry or not but some people care and give her packet of snakes to last her a month.Otherwise if know one would give he food then she would just have to drink water from the cloud that is how her friend has water.disgustingly if she doesn’t find any food then she would have to get some out f the been or from the floor it sound disgusting but or them its normal.

My unicorn likes to wander about to other places  like to the supermarket and the clothing shop and especially the park.whenever she goes out she doesn’t really walk on her feet she just flies like an angel. Whenever she is bored she likes to play around with the clouds.Also be aware  if you see a storm unicorn because their body’s can give an electric shock once i touch it and  mitral;i went straight to the hospital.She also likes to play with her magic horn and get a lot of toys the only sad thing is that you can’t get food from the magic horn but at least you can get everything else.She like to fix her cave as well because it gets often gets messy.If she ever gets bored and she doesn’t have anything to play with and do she would just go and see what flame unicorn is doing and do the same.

 The most  amazing thing about storm unicorns is that if you ever meet one, it would give you great well as good luck it can also give you magic toys and anything you want, like i said she has a cave and in that cave most of her toys take most of the room.


 I think storm unicorns are better than any unicorn because it can give you anything you want and also because they  are really cute.






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