By Shivani.v Grange Park 27th May 2021

Yesterday morning, Kim Petrie spotted The Egyptian goddess landing in the playground below. It was believed that the goddess had escaped the egiption pyramid that lay deep underground. Others had thought that she had been there all along and chose this school for its space and greenery.

Jamie, who had witnessed the event, (aged 9) claimed that the beast had fangs like swords, claws as sharp as knives, the head of a cat and poisonous saliva hanging out her deadly mouth. On the edge of her tail were ****** as pointy as daggers.

“I was just in the playground with my class when I saw it launch itself at a year 6 kid on the playground below. It was horrifying. Luckly, the flash of my camera scared it away to the field.” Kim petrie said, eyes wide in shock at the thought.

All over the world, strange, mythical creatures have been sighted like ogres, unicorns, giants and other beasts have been seen roaming around. Police have sent out letters, leaflets and warnings. If you see anything strange report to the police and stay at home unless nessersery

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