Dragon Discovery

Yesterday, Tony Hics, 48 years old, found a small dragon in the woods on the east side of Scotland. He said that he was looking for wood and helped a little girl who was hopping around looking for her dog.

Tony, who lives with his mother in a cottage, said he was suspicious of what she was doing because there was a small dragon following her along the woods

Unfortunately, when Tony had followed the little girl back to her cabin, he heard a scream from her. She ran out of the house while it was on fire. Tony went inside searching for her mother. The little girl’s mother was still inside. Tony Hics discovered her in bed and he carried the little girl’s mother outside to see what would happen. The little girl’s name was Freya. Freya was crying and panicking at the same time. Tony knew how to wake her up. He said to Freya to go get a bucket of water and when she came back with water Tony poured it on the mother’s head. The mother woke up and hugged her daughter. The dragon was on the roof blowing fire on the trees. Tony climbed up and gave it some blackberries and the dragon became his pet.

Tony chopped the trees down with an axe and went home to build a shed for the dragon to sleep in. Tony said, “I can’t believe I saved a mother and a daughter.”

Police say that he can’t have the dragon as a pet because it’s a danger to the world. So the dragon flew away to space and never came back. Tony Hics won a medal for saving a mother and a daughter.

By Erin-St Wilfrid’s

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