Cat-headed vampire sightings Adriana and Macie St Bartholomew’s

David Tree-munn

Yesterday evening, Jimington Crayola (39) has reported several sightings of cat-headed vampires sucking a lamp post at pleasant park.
”It was honestly despicable!” Jimington had reported to the news crew.
We are thinking (the news team) about how this breed has been created.

Jimington was eating cake and sipping his tea at the time he heard loud obnoxious scratching at the door so he told us he went to check it out and he thought it was an ordinary cute and cuddly cat but he was wrong and opened the door he said "It was astonishing mate I went all jelly-legged " he saw the hybrid licking the door frame .

Pleasant park police advise that you should be careful when walking around town and stay inside at all costs and make sure if you see or hear any strange occurrences please ensure to get in contact with Professor. Ping-man
he has told us to tell everyone "They are harmless and they need to be protected from ogres "
stay safe

go to for amateur footage of this jaw-dropping beast

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