Exclusive report written by Amy May, Cruel Creatures Correspondent, The Shrawley Times.

Yesterday, Summer Green, 28 years old, saw two fiery dragons hunting large birds and deer in a dense area of Shrawley Wood.

Summer, who is a teacher living down Oak Lane, was walking her labrador when out of the trees came two magnificent dragons leaving fire in their wake. She told the Times that they were shooting across the sky like flaming arrows. She added that, “The fire didn’t burn so it must have been magical.” When our reporter interviewed Miss Green this morning, she told us that she was still feeling extremely thrilled but also a little bit anxious as dragons are very rare, so seeing two of them was amazing.

If you happen to encounter one of these fiery creatures, beware as this species can produce flames that are 1,000,000°c. Local dragonologist, Mr Mark, tells us that we must not disturb these wonderful creatures otherwise they will feel threatened and may attack nearby villages. If you see or hear any unusual things, then please inform your local police.

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