Jamie saves the day.

Jamie Clegg, who is 29 years old, saved the world yesterday from a fire burning dragon in the town centre. Jamie’s mother was afraid for her son as he was risking his life. He wanted to save the world and let the people live free from this mysterious beast.

Jamie lives with his mother in the woods to keep safe. Jamie works for a fire centre and thankfully he brought the team round to help him but it didn’t work out. This dragon wasn’t any dragon, it even brought its friend’s!

BBC interviewed Jamie yesterday so let’s play the video. “I’m here with Jamie hi Jamie so please tell us what happened yesterday.” “Well it all started off yesterday having my first day off, well shall I say not my day off, so I went into town for some food then I came across a huge dragon and it started breathing fire. Of course it had to burn my groceries but then I called my mother to alert her that they were in the town so I called my team for help but they said we are too busy so I knew I was by myself. I grabbed my phone and called the police but they didn’t pick up as I needed to get some supplies. I got swords and everything I tried to stab the dragon but guess what happened.” “What happened.” “Unfortunately, one of them died then I told everyone to stay calm they soon stayed calm I was on the news and I was so happy my mum came rushing in the town and of course I was embarrassed so yeah that’s the story.” “This is BBC news signing off.”

“After that Jamie decided to move house because that town was haunted.” Jamie got to go and see a doctor because he had been badly injured. The dragonologist say that they took the dragon to a nice care centre to get some expensive treatment because it was badly hurt.

Jamie won a trophy and soon on he got his own house. And he has a daughter who, is now 1 years old he has a wife who, works night shifts for the NHS she is a nurse so now if her family gets hurt she can rush down and help them. Jamie is living a very happy life for now.

By Leah- St Wilfrid’s

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