Creature spotted in local town- Ben LIbby


Yesterday evening, reports started coming in at us like crazy! Libby Middleton reported that she saw a dragon at the stourport field. She described it as a horrific, petrefying, fire breathing, monstocity. But there is no proof is Libby is telling the truth.

Yesterday evening, LIbby middleton was fast asleep when a horrendous furore was heard, she said that she climbed out of bed and pepped out the window and saw a huge galaxy dragon breathing purple and blue flames across the moors of kirrin bay.

Stourport police have warned all locals to be careful when walking in the fields and to report and sightings or unusual sounds. Local unicornologist, Mr stanly, told us that a gathering of three unicorns may well mean that they are under threat and everyone should be alert incase dragons, trolls or ogers are planning to attack these wonderfull creatures

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