creature spotted in local town- Olly k and Autumn B

Charlie Evens, MCC

Last Friday, local resident Alex Ferguson (aged 77) spotted a peculiar beast walking around Molinuex stadium, Wolverhampton.
What are your thoughts on this?
“Well it just caught me off guard really.”
What did it look like?
“It looked like a fat non muscular, fat hulk.” Reported Alex Ferguson.

Alex was walking around Molinuex stadium, wolverhampton when he spotted an ogre strolling out of the tunnel.
"I heard a strange noise coming from the tunnel, went to investigate and couldn't believe it." Alex told us recalling the events of yesterday. Lots of people heard it but Alex was the only eye witness.

Wolverhampton police have alerted all locals to be careful when watching a football match and to report any sightings or unusual noises. local ogreologist, Marcus Birch, told us that a gathering of three ogres may well mean that they are under threat and everyone should be alert in case dragons, trolls or even unicrns are planning to attack these wonderful creatures.

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