Creature spotted in local town- Mia And Anneliese St.Bartholomews

Emma Ackleton

2 days ago, Reports started diving in at news station around Hareena On Severn, of a Ogre with a Gnome face roaming around in Donalds road local citizen Alexa Scarbrough Said It Was Like a dead zombie.

Alexa Scarbrough age 32 who lives up Donalds Road Was writting her uncles birthday card when she heard a furore come from outside. She said she saw a ogre with a Gnome Face Walking to the keyside like a dead zombie then she saw it tanning on the beach whilst eating red velvet ice cream. She also said that she couldnt believe her eyes she thought she was going bonkers.

Hareena On Severn Police have cautioned all citizens to be careful when going along the keyside of the beach and go report any sightings or any roars . Local ogreologist Dr Corn,told us that a group of ogres were to come into town next week for a special event happing on the beach and its about singing contest so folks if you want to see these mythical ogres then head to the beach next week unless your to busy be alert if you mess with them the can t]do magical thing but not in a nice way…

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