Wonderful Unicorn spotted in Mexico

By Sava.I, 27 May 2021, Mexico City

Two days ago,a mysterious creature was spotted in Mexico City . People believe this is an Ocean Unicorn. Jeremy Hutchins, a reporter (29 years) ,who was driving slowly on the road ,when he saw a glimpse of it. In pictures people think it has escaped from a magical Ocean . Citizens say it left because of the tempretaure.

Jeremey Hutchins was just driving around in his new car when he noticed everything. “As I shifted closer I admired the skin of the aqua blue Ocean Unicorn, with a spiral golden horn “the witness Jermey Hutchins responded. Another witness spoke and said “it’s skin had every mixture of blue ,navy blue, royal blue,aqua blue,dark blue,light blue,a ghostly blue,sky blue,cyan blue, cadet blue, aquamarine and Prussian blue.The Unicorn liked to munch on leaves from lavender plants and holly bushes also from Elm trees. The colourful tail is shining and stands out. It is bewildering and staggering and also very powerful.

The cops have sent out messages and warnings stating information. “Stay inside at all states unless imperative and required because the creature is under large threat” said a Unicornoligist named DR.Solokomn. Animal zoos and rescue services are trying to bring it back to the right temperature.

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