Creature spotted in local town -names katelyn and yazmin

last week ,i got out of bed and made Bob the Bilder some breakfast i made eggs and bacon with toast .
Until i heard a big bang it was like a car crashing into my house `so i looked out of my clear window ` .
And saw a mythical unicorn in las vegas it was white and gold landing on my next door Nabior house .
`i felt sad because they were very old people there names were Peter and Laura .`

Las Vegas police have located different spots to be careful when walking in Las Vegas and to report and weird sightings. Local unicornologist, Dr Pepper , told us that a gathering of two shy unicorns many well mean that they are apprently threats .

One jounalist said we must capture it and learn much more about it Dr Pepper said that he saw it flying .
An other said that if we leave them alone they can never be seen again if we ignore them they will keep quiet .

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