creature spotted in local town-Ethan Turner and Lucus Connolly

Yesterday, Ethan and lucus saw a phoenix fire wing. ”We were shocked to see the sighting of this amazing beast
at Birlish top”said Ethan. ” I was amazed to see this amazing creature flying around this busaling city”said lucus.

4:30 pm Lucus connolly and Ethan turner were on their way home all of a sudden they saw a shiny light beyond an electric fence

west Middland police have warned all locals to be careful when strolling in the forest and to report any sightings or unusual sounds. Local unicornoligists ,Dr fat,told us that a gathering of the of two unicorns many well mean that we are under threat and everyone should be alert in case dragons, trolls or ogres are planning to attack these wonderful creatures.

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