How to keep your dragon safe.

How to keep your dragon safe!


Have you ever got tired of your pets? Have you ever wanted to keep your dragon safe? Well let me help you to keep your dragon safe for good. To see an ice dragon they are white with blue so it will get a little chilly,they have incredible breath that goes on for 10m in length.


What you need for your dragon and you!


You need to gather healthy veggies since ice/wind dragons like healthy veggies,observe what else they eat.We have observed that they eat rich meat,rich water and sweet desserts. When you do find one hold out the food you want to feed them,then when you do ride it and now you have tamed an ice dragon. To keep it safe make a strong house for your dragon and make sure that you don’t have many people around your house or the dragon will eat them meat. Gently,feed it you have to cook or they will not eat it and feed it to your dragon all though you gave its meat give the rich water, for you self try and find or buy ice proof things like a coat,shoes,gloves,hat and more.


Finally,when your dragon feels safe and protected you have finally made your dragon a safe home please keep it safe and sound.


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